The Ides of March Madness


Please join me on Wednesday March 9, at 11:00 EST for a Boroughs Publishing Group March Madness Party with fun and prizes.

I’ll be promoting the St. Patrick’s Day Story in the DataMatch Series

Getting Mr. Lucky

and the complete DataMatch Box Set

  Getting Mr. Lucky1A

Getting Mr. Lucky, Book Three DataMatch Series

No-nonsense attorney Lucy Furey is about to learn how her hotshot new partner earned the name Mr. Lucky, as he smoothly talks his way through the tightest negotiation he’s ever handled: the one for her heart.

Getting Mr. Lucky is available on Amazon / Barnes and Noble / All Romance eBooks


Datamatch Box2

DataMatch Box Set

Joining up with the high-tech giant SCE, Inc., for its new DataMatch venture, college graduate Maddie Timms is about to get more than the job of a lifetime; in six stories she and her coworkers are going to find love…semi-scientifically.


They say that when you graduate from high school, the world is your oyster. When you graduate from college, you’re just expected to make a lot of clams. Madeline Timms and her soon-to-be friends are in search of the latter…and find something better.

DataMatch is tech giant SCE Inc.’s scientific approach to finding flawless life-long relationships, now with even more scientific precision! Except, exciting high-tech workplace and brilliant startup idea or not, it’s never that easy, is it? Computer science? Biology? Chemistry? They’re just numbers. From dating your new boss—a typical CEO; mean, bellowing, goal-oriented, melty, too-hot-to-handle, most sexually charged man you know—to seducing your geek god coworker crush right out of his test tubes, to being on the right side of the negotiating table—which is to say on top of it—some things don’t work on paper. They don’t need to.

Five relationships. Six stories. Happiness all around, guaranteed. Semi-scientifically.

The Box Set is available on

Amazon / Barnes and Noble / All Romance eBooks



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