Music As Inspiration: A Scene from A Taylor-Made Life

I find inspiration for my stories in everything from personal experience to candy. But my main source of inspiration for my life and the lives of my characters has always been music. Sometimes it’s just the emotion of the melody or it’s the story in the lyrics.

There is a scene in A Taylor-Made Life that is the direct inspiration of a song by Diamond Rio. I’ve always loved the song because it reminds me of my Granny who passed away over 30 years ago. I even used the song during my wedding reception during the Mother/Groom Father/Bride dance.

Here is the scene between Taylor and Gavin. Some have called it indulgent–it is. And cheesy–it’s probably that too, but it’s also the sweetest expression of Gavin’s heart and it’s every girls dream to be loved so much. I hope you enjoy the peek.

 banner new sizeGavin whispered, “You know, I had a dream about heaven this morning.”

Taylor’s body tensed, and he trailed his fingers up and down her arm, tracing the bruises that appeared so easily because of the leukemia.

“I stood in a white fog. A voice I couldn’t place told me I could have whatever I wanted. A wish for anything.”

Taylor rested her chin on his chest and watched intently. “What did you wish for? Obviously not money. Health?”

He shook his head. “I wished for one more day with you. Because that seemed most like heaven to me.”

Her eyes sparkled with tears that never spilled.

He sighed wistfully. “I thought that was the best thing I could ask for. And now, today, I feel like I got my wish. But you know what I realize?”

“No.” It was a whisper, a plea.

“It’s not enough.” He cupped her cheek. “Because even an endless number would leave me wanting one more.”

She smiled. A tiny tear slipped from the corner of her eye down her cheek before he caught it with his finger and wiped it away. Then she kissed him.

Here is the song that provided the inspiration. I hope you enjoy.

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Music As Inspiration: A Scene from A Taylor-Made Life — 2 Comments

  1. Sweet, sweet scene. That’s fairy-tale love, the kind you dream about. The kind you wish you could experience. Such a beautiful book, Kary. Thank you.