Guest Post by Sheri Fredircks — A little of me in every story

I am so honored to have Sheri Fredicks on the blog today! I had the honor of reading this story several months ago and was amazed by the magic it stirs but the beauty of Sheri’s story is that it creates fantastical worlds and creatures with genuine heart and emotion. There is such a ring of authenticity to her conflict and characters.

Sheri, Welcome! Thank you so much for coming by and giving us a glimpse into the beautiful world and characters you’ve created.

A little of me in every story

By: Sheri Fredricks

First of all, I want to thank Kary Rader for inviting me to blog on her beautiful site today. Not only is she a member of my awesome critique group, but she provided me with so much encouragement while I queried and sent Remedy Maker out on submissions. Talk about nerves, I was an absolute giggling idiot. Thank you, Kary!

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Born and raised on the central coast of California in a small beach town, I write a combination of fantasy and paranormal fiction romance. And one thing I’ve noticed is a paranormal romance story can be set anywhere in the world. Many wonderful books I have read have been set in Seattle or San Francisco, New York, and the mountains of Colorado. One day, I’ll write a story located in my home town.

When I set out to write, I chose the setting for Remedy Maker because of its heavily wooden seclusion. After researching the possibilities, the state of Pennsylvania came out as top choice. The story begins in an isolated cabin located in the fictional Boronda Forest, where Rhycious lives.



Photo credit: Andre Galvonski


In this scene, he is having a moment of psychological stress, yet we get a sense of where he lives.

Outside, his footsteps crunched over a faint walking trail weaving through the Centaur kingdom. Low-lying mist blanketed the moss-draped forest. Deadfall branches protruded upward in eerie intervals, as if Wood Nymph warriors from centuries ago were rising from the dead.

Thoughts of lifeless Nymphs ushered in a remembrance of territory rivalries, greedy opposing rulers, racial prejudice, and war. He tightened his fists in an attempt to squeeze the pictures from his head. Early morning quiet and the peculiar scenery brought this on, he reminded himself. While his head understood this, his gut compressed regardless.



Another major setting is the Centaur palace where the hero mixes with royalty and politics.

 Photo credit: thunderstorm

The dark passageway rounded a final bend and opened to an enormous, well-lit cavern. Neatly trimmed bluegrass covered the floor, absorbing the echo of a multitude of voices and hooves. Granite walls curved inward, rising three stories high and surrounded the circular room, their ancient pallor reminiscent of gray hair with white sparkling stripes.

Over on the left, a marble fountain bubbled. Water spurted from a trumpet the rearing Centaur statue blew. Orange and lemon trees in giant fire-glazed urns provided an outdoor feel to the underground cave. No chance of taproots, she noted. Benches and seating areas clustered, giving the space a park-like setting. On the second floor, open balconies viewed the hub of activity in the courtyard below.

Not having visited the east coast, I relied on the advice and recommendations of those who live there. Research into the areas I wrote about only fueled my desire to see it for myself one day. Living near four National Forests, I’m familiar with the woods and redwood forests that are centuries old.

These are just two of the settings in my latest release, Remedy Maker. I hope they transport you to an extraordinary place where mythological beings could possibly exist.

How about you? Do you like to read stories that take place in areas you’re familiar with, or would you rather use fiction to journey to someplace new?

Remedy Maker – Blurb

Man by day, Centaur by night, Rhycious is a remedy maker who needs his own healing.

He’s the royal physician, famous for his cures. War and posttraumatic stress disorder has broken his spirit, preventing him from finding true happiness. Then a direct order from the queen to investigate an uprising forces him out of his secluded cabin at the edge of the forest.

Patience is an optimistic, good-natured Wood Nymph who works as a mediator to ensure harmony within the Nymph sector.

Environmental pollution in the aquifer stream that feeds the taproot tree of her heart is slowly killing her. Resigned to the fact she will not live long, she sets out to discover the mysterious disappearance of her sister. Experience has taught her to deny herself the love of a male, but the gruff Centaur is different. He doesn’t push his expectations on her, only his healing nature.

When Rhycious loses his grip on reality, he believes his inability to control his disorder will drive Patience away. Nevertheless, desire flares, and Patience draws him close. Kidnapping and betrayal turn their mythic joint venture into a deadly bout.

Will their love endure when survival hinges on trusting each other?

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Author Bio:

Always on the hunt for the uncommon things in life, author Sheri Fredricks thrives on creating adventures in her mythological kingdom for her readers.

A former engineering secretary, Sheri lives on the beautiful central coast of California. “I wanted to move away from inflexible right angles and create an unboxed world with no boundaries.” A voracious reader since her early years, Sheri found her brain crowded with stories and characters of her own. “Ultimately,” she says, “my husband encouraged me to write them all down.”

Sheri loves to spend time at home. A computer hutch keeps her focused on creating stories, but the panoramic view of life on a ranch will call her outside to play in the sun.

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Kary Rader is a stay-at-home mother of three, avid reader and slave to the characters and worlds inside her head. Always creative, she's drawn to stories with fantastical worlds and creatures. With a little bit of magic and divine guidance, there isn't anything that can't be accomplished. And it's the power of words that creates and destroys. Vanquishing evil and injustice while finding eternal love in the process is all in a day's work. And with the help of her critique partners and master cartographer imaginary places come to life. Come join her for an adventure and maybe you too will be claimed by passion and changed by love. Because there is no greater power than the human spirit and anything is possible if you believe. Let the fantasy begin…


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  1. A huge THANK YOU to Kary for inviting me to her place today. If you haven’t done so already, join this blog and be updated on the many happenings in her busy writer’s life.

    Thanks again, Kary!

  2. I think I don’t mind if the story feature a place I know or is a completely made up world from the author’s mind. I loved Remedy Maker and can’t wait to read more from you, chicklette! Very happy for you, Sheri!

    • Ha! I’m working on it, Melissa. To me, it’s almost easier to create your own world. That way you can put a donut shop on every corner and there’s never a line for the bathroom.

  3. Love your descriptions….they went with the pictures so well! Nice job. I love to read books set in areas I know and don’t know. I do admit there is something a little more exciting though about reading a story that takes place in a town or restaurant or somewhere I’ve been.

    Great post Sheri!

  4. I have read Remedy Maker, and all I can say is…. OH.MY.GODS. LOL This story is so uniques and the language will ‘enthusitize’ you!
    If there is a little Of Ms Fredricks in this book? Has to be a bit of the Wood Nymph!

    • *writes new word down for future reference*
      LOL, you HAVE read Remedy Maker…and not just once either. Okay, so I admit–maybe I secretly wish I were a Wood Nymph. Thanks for all your support, Leanore!

  5. I love when a setting is both familiar and strange. I like how you did this with Remedy Maker. It’s fun to see a hidden side to places we might already know. Congrats on this novel!!

    • Rosanna, it all started with one of those “what if” questions. What if the world we see isn’t what really is? What if there’s a whole other world beyond the obvious? Much like the mythological worlds you’ve created, I enjoy teasing the reader’s perspective of what they view as ordinary.